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Terms of Service

Booty Camp Fitness Terms of Service

  1. Regarding Missed Camps
    • All qualifying missed sessions will result in a credit* being given which can be applied to another session within the same period of your assigned boot camp (8 or 4 week program) which may be claimed at the same or another location on an alternate day. *Maximum of 2 credits per 4 week session
    • Prior notification of all missed sessions must be given within a minimum of 24 hours advance notice in order to receive credit for the session. Missed camps with less than 24 hours notice given will not qualify for a credit and you will be charged for the session. Notifications must be made by emailing your Booty Camp Fitness instructor.
    • If you receive a credit for a missed session, the credit must be used within the same period of time that you are registered for the session (within your 4 or 8 week camp you have registered for) or it will be waived.
    • Credits may not be carried over into another registration period and have no monetary value and will not be refunded if left unclaimed.

  2. Weather Dates Apply Seasonally
    • Booty Camp Fitness is run outdoors May through September and, like any other outdoor program, weather sometimes comes into play. Similar to organizations like the Running Room, weather will not necessarily delay or cancel a session. Dress appropriately for the weather (hat, gloves, water proof outerwear). Log into the recruits-only section and check the ticker for notification of any location changes or cancellations after 5:00 p.m. on the date of the session. Note: Only recruits can log in to this section.

    • Our rain date policy is as follows:

    • If the rain is extremely heavy or it is thunder-storming, we will hold a rain date to make up the session. This make-up session will most likely be held on the Saturday between 10 and 11 am or at another time that is mutually beneficial for the majority of the camp members. If you cannot make the scheduled make-up session, you may use it as one of your "missed camp credits" as per policy #1.

    • Our extreme heat policy is as follows:

    • If it is hot and humid out (no extreme heat alert issued) on the night of your Booty Camp, the session is STILL A GO so please dress appropriately (light, breathable clothing, etc.) and bring extra water. Your instructor will modify the intensity and structure of the camp accordingly.

      If your city issues an EXTREME heat alert (based on your city’s official website, i.e. your Booty Camp session will be CANCELLED at your instructor’s discretion.

  3. Holidays
    • In the event that one of your regularly scheduled camps falls on a holiday or holiday weekend (ie. for a Tuesday Stat, Mon & Tues sessions are affected) the camp will not be held. We will hold a camp in lieu of the holiday cancellation on the following Saturday between 10 and 11 am.

  4. Refund Policy
    • Our refund policy is as follows:

      If you are unable to attend booty camp we can offer you a refund if you give us notice prior to your session start date. Cut-off time for transfers, refunds or credits is 7 days PRIOR to your Booty Camp session start date, however we will charge a $50.00 cancellation fee. It may take up to 5 business days to process a refund.

      If we are notified after this point there will be NO transfers, refunds or credits issued. This is due to the fact that you had reserved a spot in the camp that we can no longer fill after the camp has started.

      For all online programs such as HIT The Weights there are no refunds or credits after delivery of the program commences. For all online programs such as HIT The Weights there are no refunds or credits after delivery of the program commences.

  5. General Questions/Concerns About Your Camp
    • Please address all questions regarding your program to your instructor via email. If you would like modifications on exercises, clarification on form or more of a challenge our instructors are more than happy to accommodate and assist you in getting the most out of your Booty Camp experience.

      In the event that your instructor is unable to answer your question themselves they will promptly notify our office of your email and we will reply.

      To find your instructor's email address simply visit our websites about us page. Each instructor's email address can be found on their individual bio page.

  6. Location Changes
    • On a very rare occasion, we may have to change the location of your 4 week or 8 week Booty Camp session because of permitting issues. Any location change will be in close proximity to the original location and notification will be made via email and phone notifications. We will not issue any refunds based on location changes within 2km; itís good exercise for the little extra walk :)

  7. Camp Cancellation Due to Low Enrolment
    • If your camp does not meet the minimum requirement of 12 ladies, we may have to cancel the camp. Every effort will be made to accommodate you in another camp or refunds will be promptly issued. Notification will be made at the latest on the day camps are scheduled to begin at 12 noon via email and phone to allow time for any last minute registrations that may allow the camp to run. Again, this happens rarely because our sessions are usually sold out.

  8. Group Discount
    • In order to register as a group and receive the group discount ($25 each for 4 weeks or $50 each for 8 weeks), you MUST use the group discount registration page to qualify for the discount. We will no longer issue individual refunds for group registrations because of the large amount of administrative and accounting costs that go into this process. Cannot be combined with any other promotions or sales.

  9. Upgrading Your Program from 4 to 8 weeks
    • If you sign up for 4 weeks and want to continue for the full 8 weeks you can register for the second half at a slightly discounted 4 week rate of $10 off when they are posted online (while spaces last). The benefit of signing up for 8 weeks upfront is that you receive the fully discounted price and are guaranteed a space in the second 4 weeks. You must use the renewal registration page to receive this discount. If you do not use the renewal page we will not be issuing refunds for the discounted amount. Renewal details will be given to you by your instructor and in an email from our headquarters.
    • Renewal discounts cannot be applied to any other promotions/discounts unless otherwise specified.

  10. Non-Compete
    • I, the "Participant", agree that any information obtained by participating in Booty Camp Fitness about it's program, policies, or structure cannot be used as a basis upon which to develop or have a third party develop a competing or similar product.

  11. Instructor Changes
    • At times due to unexpected changes we may need to change instructors for your camp location. We will not provide refunds or credits due to instructor changes, all of our Booty Camp Elite Drill Instructors are trained to provide you an effective and fun workout!

  12. Our Core Values
    • Booty Camp Fitness promotes three core values: fun, friendly fitness. We embody these ideals at all of our camps and itís our hope that recruits do as well. If any participant is found to poison the environment at camp in any way, thereby risking the experience for others, it is within our right to remove this recruit without compensation.

I agree that I am in good physical health to participate in your program and have consulted with my physician regarding participating in physical activities. I assume any and all risks associated with utilizing the programs both online an in person provided by Booty Camp Fitness and it's representatives. I release Booty Camp Fitness and it's representatives of any liability for any personal injury, damages or death as a result of participating in it's programs.

* These terms of service are subject to change at any time without notice.

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