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We've Totally Revamped the New You Challenge for 2013
Enter for Your Chance to Win!

After eight weeks at Booty Camp, we guarantee that you're going to have a TON of energy and will be dying to show off your fit, healthy and sexy new body!

This year we're totally revamping our New You Challenge – out with the old and in with the new!

Each eight-week session will have its very own New You Challenge – that means you won't have to wait until 2014 to find out who the winner is, you'll know once we wrap each session!

At the end of the year, our five winners will go head-to-head for a chance at winning a grand prize with a total value of $2,5001 !!!

The Fabulous Prizes...

You must be wondering what we have in store for our August/September winner! Without further ado, drumroll please!

After eight weeks at Booty Camp toward a fitter, healthier and even sexier body, we want to give YOU:

  • Eight FREE weeks at Booty Camp so you can keep the momentum going
  • A $100 Lululemon gift certificate – exercise in style!
  • A copy of Meghan Telpner's bestselling book UnDiet!
  • A $25 gift certificate to put toward glass straws and other accoutrements from Glass Dharma
  • Delicious gluten-free snacks from CheeCha Puffs – who said snacking has to be a four-letter word?
  • One-year of nutrition, health & fitness tips thanks to a one-year subscription to Shape magazine
  • Dinner for two at a local, healthy restaurant (maximum value $100)

We're continuing to work with our partners to deliver even more great goodies, so don't be surprised if you check back in a week or so and see this list of amazing prizes growing longer!

You're working hard and we want to reward you with fantastic rewards that will continue to do your body good!

1Prizes to be announced.

Here's the Challenge...

The New You Challenge is an eight-week healthy body transformation contest based on participating in one eight-week1 Booty Camp Fitness session in 2013.

Although Booty Camp Fitness is a non-competitive environment, that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to be your best self. That's why the winner will equally be determined by the best transformational:

  • Body photos (i.e. best contrasting before and after photos)
  • Measurements (i.e. inches and weight lost)
  • Story (i.e. short essay about inner and outer transformation)

Participants' measurements will be taken by their Elite Drill Instructor to accurately measure their progress. However, the participants are responsible for taking their own before and after photos, as well as writing their own transformational story (500 to 1000 words).

10 Easy Steps to Succeed in the New You Challenge:

  1. Register for an eight-week Booty Camp Fitness session, click here to choose a location. (Eight-week sessions commence in January, April, June, August and October)
  2. Fill in the form below to officially enter the challenge.
  3. Take your before photos.
  4. Take your first camp and get your “before” measurements taken.
  5. Complete the eight-week program.
  6. Take your after photos.
  7. Receive your “after” measurements from your Elite Drill Instructor.
  8. Write your “transformational story”
  9. Submit your “before and after” photo and measurements along with your transformational story within seven days of your camp completing (send to
  10. Keep up the great work — Look what you've done in eight weeks! Enjoy your progress, and continue on with your new healthy lifestyle.

Entering is Easy...

Simply filling in the form below officially enters yourself in the New You Challenge:
What Booty Camp session did you register for
(include Instructor’s name, the location, and start date)?
Yes, I agree to the rules and regulations of the New You Challenge.
How come you want to win the New You Challenge?

Entry Deadline is: Within the second week of the first camp of your 8 week Booty Camp session.
Final Submission Deadline is: 7 days after your final camp in the same 8 week Booty Camp session.

1 or two consecutive four-week sessions
2 Prizes have no monetary value, nor can they be transferred to another person. Also, the prizes may be changed without notice or penalty to Booty Camp Fitness Inc.
3 Canadian funds
* Product will be provided in lieu of services if the winner is outside of Toronto

Natalie Fraser
(2013 June/July New You Challenge Winner)

Results After 8 Weeks of Booty Camp:

Before Booty Camp*
After Booty Camp*

"I want to win the New You Challenge for all the women like me. Those that grew up non-athletes, who found their love for fitness later in life, with kids, jobs, partners and things in their life that make it hard to get off the sofa and on their feet.

I grew up asthmatic, and didn’t start exercising until my late 20s, after completing grad school 30 pounds overweight. I joined Booty Camp to push myself to new levels and become the person I wanted to be. I recently started a new job and am getting married next year, and find I need regular exercise to help me keep life balanced and stress-free. Booty Camp is that solution for me."




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