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Discover How You Can Earn up to $127 per Hour as a Licensed Booty Camp Fitness Instructor.

Hello Fitness Professionals and Graduates of Booty Camp,

My name is Sammie Kennedy. As a certified personal trainer I know how challenging it can be to even earn $15 per hour in the fitness industry because I’ve been there myself. I used to work full time at a gym and still had to work part time (night shifts) at a hospital as a Medical Radiation Technologist to make ends meet. I was working over 70 hours a week just to be able to work in my dream job in fitness!

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Unfortunately the low-pay of most fitness companies deters so many passionate people from entering the fitness industry or forces them out.

When I started expanding Booty Camp, and licensing to other trainers, I made a decision that I did NOT want to be like all the other big box fitness companies. I did NOT want to compensate trainers poorly and inspire mediocre performance and high turnover. Instead I wanted to give amazing female personal trainers the opportunity to make a career (or at least a great paycheck) out of their passion, fitness!

Now at 100 Booty Camp Locations across Canada, I’m so grateful to give passionate women (such as yourself) the opportunity to be compensated like the Superstars that they are.

You Can Make Over $1,000 a Week ...
Working ONLY 8 Hours/Week

For starters... Would you like to:

  • Actually earn up to $127 an hour?
  • Work less and leverage your time better?
  • Have tonnes of fun while helping more ladies achieve optimal health and fitness?

If you answered YES to the above, you may want to run your own Booty Camp Fitness location in Canada!

“Sound too good to be true?”

I know it's not easy to believe when I say you could earn up to $1,016 weekly by just working 8 hours a week (at $127 hourly). But, once you see how our profit-share business model works, it will all make sense.

NOTE: I’m sorry, I can’t share all the details online, but our business model is confidential and proprietary.

"The payoff for the licensees [Booty Camp Instructor] is simple: the entire operation runs on a profit sharing model with instructors typically earning $127 an hour. Little is required of the licensees/instructors aside from leading their camps."
-- Fitness Business Canada

How I Will Help You Succeed

As a first step towards becoming a Licensed Booty Camp Instructor, the 8 hour hands-on training includes:

  • How to instruct, motivate, and enjoy each camp from beginning to end
  • Designing your boot camp circuits, drills, and exercises
  • How to perform physical fitness assessments

Once you’ve successfully completed the training, basically all you have to do is show-up to each camp and teach a kick-booty session.

That’s Right, We Take Care of Almost Everything...

As a way of ensuring minimal time for you and the highest value for our clients, we take care of almost all “business” aspects of operating your location, providing you with:

  • Full administrative/registration/accounting support, so you don’t have to do the boring stuff
  • Implementation of our “Secret Marketing Plan”
  • New Booty Camp routines/exercises/drills/games every 4 weeks (for FREE), so that your participants never get bored
  • A reliable, affordable, and weather-resistant sound system
  • Support, mentoring and consulting, and full access to a Licensee Liaison at our Booty Camp Headquarters so you have all the guidance you need

Sounds great doesn’t it? … “But how much does it all cost”

Our main “competitors” charge $10,000 and $8,000 for their licensing fees, but we didn’t know a lot of trainers who had that money in their back pocket! Nor did we want to license to someone just because they had the money, it doesn’t necessary equal a fantastic ability to train our recruits!

Instead, to become a Licensed Booty Camp Instructor it’s just a one-time $197 initial licensing and certification fee. Our philosophy is: when you make money we’ll make money together.

“Here’s the catch…”

Having worked with our amazing Booty Camp Instructors, I’ve concluded that we ONLY license to women who have “Superstar” qualities:

  • Passionate about fitness
  • Enthusiastic and motivating
  • Positive and proactive attitude
  • Friendly and supportive
  • Results-oriented
  • Live an active healthy lifestyle

Do You Have What It Takes?

Specifically, I'm currently looking for “Superstar” female personal trainers and/or fitness instructors who:

  • Have one or more years(s) training experience as a fitness professional
  • Have a personal trainer or group fitness certification, and their CPR/First Aid certification


“Superstar” graduates of Booty Camp who:

  • Have graduated from an 8 week Booty Camp Fitness program
  • Are certified, or in the process of getting certified as a personal trainer or group fitness trainer
  • Certified, in the process of, or willing to get certified in CPR/First Aid

Getting Started Is Easy...

To start the process of getting your very own Booty Camp location,
please click on the button below:

P.S. At this time, licenses are only available throughout Canada.

Thank you Booty Camp!
"Booty Camp provides you with a lot of resources to build your business; from marketing, to workout ideas, and on-going training. The continued support and friendly atmosphere have kept me here for over 3 years (something unheard of in this industry!). Being able to work part-time hours but take home full-time pay leaves me with lots of free time to spend with my family and friends. Thank you Booty Camp!"

Jessica Sparrow,
Elite Booty Camp Instructor
for Dalhousie, AB Location

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