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About Jacquie Hardy

Hey Ladies,

My name is Jacquie Hardy and I'm really excited to be an instructor for Booty Camp!!

I have completed 3 years at Fanshawe College; two years for Fitness and Health Promotion and one year for Human Services Foundation. Through Fitness and Health Promotion I have been handed the following certifications: Certified Fitness Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer as well as WHMIS, First Aid and CPR, and Level 1 certification through Variety Village. I can't wait to use everything I have learned so far to whip you into shape!!!

Hooked on Fitness

In high school I signed up for a fitness weight class just to gain more knowledge, working with weights was foreign to me at the time and I thought I would give it a try. After the first couple of weeks I noticed a substantial increase in muscle mass and decrease I body fat. After noticing this change in my body I wanted to learn more about fitness and health, so I studied it in College and have been learning and increasing my knowledge about Fitness and Health for over 5 years now; both by practical and learning experiences.

My passion for women's fitness comes from working with women and being around women my whole life. We are such a great support group for each other; we understand each other and aren't afraid to give ourselves that push we all need sometimes.

My philosophy on fitness is simple; help others achieve their goals while promoting a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Booty Camp is such a great idea; it allows all women to dedicate some time of the day to ourselves in a fun way while interacting with others. On top of that, you're getting a great workout instructing and participating, therefore becoming healthier, and making new friends!

I make it to the gym 5-7 days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I train with weights, using both heavy and light weights to build strength and endurance. Each day I get in about 20-30 minutes of cardio either on the stepper, elliptical, treadmill and bike; and twice a week I have been interval training to prepare myself for running when the weathers nice enough to go outside!

Outside of Booty Camp

I would have to say everything I do in my life including career having fun and life outside of fitness is all incorporated around having a healthy lifestyle. I love taking walks on a nice day, going for bike rides, jogging, and last, I LOVE FOOD! I have made it my goal to eat healthy while still enjoying all of the foods I love by altering recipes and trying out new ideas! I always say there is no such thing as a diet that works, your diet should be something easy to follow on a day to day basis.

I Care More Because I'm an Owner

I'm much more than just an 'employee'. I own the Newmarket Boot Camp Licensed Location (similar to a franchise). As the owner of my "Licensed Location" I share in the responsibility of creating a valuable experience for you and all my recruits, and am 100% compensated via profit sharing.

Give yourself the gift of having a Newmarket personal trainer today, by joining MY Newmarket Boot Camp and receive group Newmarket personal training at a fraction of the cost. I'm 100% committed to my Licensed Location being fun, you getting super fit, and you meeting some other fabulous women!

For the Love of Whipping You Into Shape,

Jacquie Hardy
Elite Drill Instructor


Jacquie Hardy

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