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About Xorla Zigah

Hey Ladies,

My name is Xorla, pronounced "Haula". I began my journey to become a fitness instructor specialist when I joined the Newmarket camp led by Tammy. I left each session with the satisfaction that I did a little bit more than the one before. So here I am very excited to be a Booty Camp instructor. I'm here to encourage and support you as you improve every facet of your life through physical fitness.

Success and Passion

My fitness success story started after university. I was in a funk! Opportunities to be physically active were not as accessible and I didn't have willing partners in crime. I decided to join a running club although I never saw myself as "runner". Since then I've completed a 5K and a 10K, and I continue to find new ways to shake things up.

My passion is to help women realize that they are stronger than they think they are. You may not know it yet but you are a strong-minded being that can achieve any personal goal you set for yourself. With a clear goal, persistence and support you can achieve any goal.

Hard Work = Changes. Choose it Today and Everyday After!

You joined Booty Camp because you want changes in your life. The equation is simple - hard work and healthy eating habits will get you the changes you want. These changes will not be easy nor will they be instant. Just remember that your body is changing for the better. You will learn how far you can push yourself physically and mentally. You have the choice today to be active. This may not always be your choice so choose it today and everyday after.

Why Booty Camp?

I wanted to become a Booty Camp instructor because I believe in the core values of Booty Camp-fun, friendly, fitness! I want to support other women in their quest to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. I am proud to be a part of an organization that is committed to improving the lives of women. I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from teaching, helping others and being active, and instructing Booty Camps lets me do all these things. What a great way to spend an hour!

Outside of Booty Camp Fitness

My athletic hobbies include volleyball, basketball, walking, running, tennis and learning to roller-blade. I love watching sports on any level. I really enjoy lifting weights, and participating in various group fitness classes.

I am an elementary school teacher and feel fortunate to have a full-time job that is challenging but most importantly very rewarding. During the year I coach volleyball and soccer as well as participate in as many arts programs as I can manage. If I were not teaching or instructing, my dream would be to dance professionally while traveling the world. I love to travel and dancing is something that brings me great joy.

Get ready to have fun with new friends, while becoming a fitter and better you!

I Care More Because I'm an Owner

I'm much more than just an 'employee'. I own the Lawrence Station Boot Camp Licensed Location (similar to a franchise). As the owner of my "Licensed Location" I share in the responsibility of creating a valuable experience for you and all my recruits, and am 100% compensated via profit sharing.

Give yourself the gift of having a Lawrence Station personal trainer today, by joining MY Lawrence Station Boot Camp and receive group Lawrence Station personal training at a fraction of the cost. I'm 100% committed to my Licensed Location being fun, you getting super fit, and you meeting some other fabulous women!

For the Love of Whipping You Into Shape,

Xorla Zigah
Elite Drill Instructor

Lawrence Station

Xorla Zigah

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