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About Dalia Dissanayake

Hey Ladies,

My name is Dalia and I am really excited to be apart of an awesome fitness team! I began my journey within the fitness industry through a holistic nutrition course offered through George Brown College in the Assaulted Women's Counsellor Program. Studying and working in the field of health and wellness gave me the opportunity to understand the importance of healthy eating; body-image, self-confidence and most importantly the skills to empower women!

As a fitness instructor I look forward to sharing my fitness knowledge and help support all my recruits achieve their fitness goals!


  • Certified as Group Fitness Specialist by Can-Fit-Pro
  • Certified as Personal Training Specialist by Can-Fit-Pro
  • Certified in CP

Take Action!

After completing high school I became very busy with work, full-time schooling and life in general. I stopped playing a lot of sports I enjoyed and started disregarding my healthy eating habits. Soon enough I started to see the physical and emotional results of inactivity and an unbalanced diet. My body started to change, my energy level and self confidence decreased and I was just unhappy!

I found it extremely challenging to juggle school and work, and therefore decided to look for help from a fitness professional to get me back on track! Unfortunately, I was unable to find a trainer that was able to accommodate my busy schedule. I refused to allow this particular obstacle to stop me from achieving my fitness goals. I then realized that the only way I could achieve my goal was to do it on my own.

I started to do research on woman's health, nutrition and physical fitness. Where I then decided to become my own personal trainer! I created a program that did not deprive me of foods I enjoyed or a slave to the boring treadmills or stair climbers. I began to develop my own routines, incorporating body sculpting, resistance exercises, cardiovascular activities and flexibility. After two months of training, I was thrilled with the results! My energy level sky rocketed, my physical appearance improved and most importantly, I felt great about myself! I knew that I had achieved my goal the right way, and this inspired me to help others, especially women who needed motivation and support.

Healthy, Fun, Exciting

My passion in the field of women's fitness is to help women feel the best they can about themselves. I know first hand how much of a confidence builder it can be. I have been extremely fortunate to share my passion with others and I also look forward to helping all my Booty Camp recruits achieve their goals in a healthy and fun environment! My philosophy is simple; have fun while balancing healthy elements in your life. Fitness should be a way to help us feel great about who we are. Our bodies were meant to move and therefore, I believe that our bodies crave exercise! Exercising the right way will result in good physical health, improved self confidence while at the same time reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other illness.

Outside of Booty Camp Fitness

Since I am an extremely active person I love to check out new fitness classes and consistently challenge my body. For the past six years I have made the effort to train regularly whether it be spinning classes, yoga, strength training or boot camps. I try to incorporate different activities to stay "physically fit". However my absolute favourite activity is rollerblading!

Besides working out, I love to spend time with my husband, family and friends. I also enjoy travelling outside the city where I can go on long hikes and escape the fast pace "rat race" lifestyle that is synonymous with living in a big city.

I love to spend time with my husband, family and friends. I also enjoy traveling outside the city where I can go on long hikes and escape the fast pace "rat race" lifestyle that is synonymous with living in a big city.

I Care More Because I'm an Owner

I'm much more than just an 'employee'. I own the High Park & Etobicoke North Boot Camp Licensed Location (similar to a franchise). As the owner of my "Licensed Location" I share in the responsibility of creating a valuable experience for you and all my recruits, and am 100% compensated via profit sharing.

Give yourself the gift of having a High Park & Etobicoke North personal trainer today, by joining MY High Park & Etobicoke North Boot Camp and receive group High Park & Etobicoke North personal training at a fraction of the cost. I'm 100% committed to my Licensed Location being fun, you getting super fit, and you meeting some other fabulous women!

For the Love of Whipping You Into Shape,

Dalia Dissanayake
Elite Drill Instructor

High Park & Etobicoke North

Dalia Dissanayake

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