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About Cheryl Clarke

Hi Ladies!

I am a certified Fitness Instructor Specialst and Personal Training Specialist with Canfitpro. I was a trainer of trainers for Fitness Kickboxing Canada and hold a level two certification for fitness kickboxing and a MMA Conditioning certification from them as well. I am also certified in BodyPump, BodyAttack, BodyCombat, RPM and Newbody and RIPPED.

I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed many amazing moments throughout my fitness career but one woman’s journey in particular will always stay with me as it had such a huge impact on my heart. “Suzie” was morbidly obese when I first met her but was ready to take the first steps into living a healthy lifestyle. With the support and encouragement of myself and the community of women that were also in the bootcamp program, “Suzie” was able to lose over 100 pounds in the first year! The far reaching effects of this triumph were amazing to see. Suzie, rightly, felt pride and strength in her accomplishment and this fed through to every other area of her life filling her with the feeling of empowerment. You could see this change in the way she carried herself, in her eyes as they steadily met yours and in every confident word she spoke. In turn, the other women in the group and in Suzie’s life were also inspired and motivated to make their own huge changes and the ripples in the pond continued. It was a remarkable display of what a woman can do when she realizes and embraces her potential and allows herself to lean on and be supported by a like-minded community of other women.

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom told you that you could do anything? That is Booty Camp except you are surrounded by a room of “moms” who are encouraging and supporting you every step of the way as you will do for them. You will find a newfound confidence, sense of empowerment and close-knit friendships that will last a lifetime. And oh yeah, get fit too!

First off, it has to be fun! It has to be something you look forward to doing or let’s face it, you won’t want to do it. It has to be different each time! The same workout time after time not only gets mentally boring but your body plateaus and you stop seeing results. I like to mix it up and be creative! It has to be social! Nothing will keep you on track better than the encouragement and support you receive as part of a group working towards the same goal.

I am excited about joining the Booty Camp Fitness team because I love coaching and encouraging women to realize their full potential and because I know first-hand the struggles we can go through to get there. I am a 48 year old wife with a full time career, two daughters under the age of 10 and a chronic illness that at times can make it challenging to stay focused. I’ve found that the secret to juggling all these things, to staying energized, balanced and happy is to stay active! We women often put our children’s needs (mom’s taxi service!) our husbands, our careers even our pets above our own personal needs. But we’re looking at it wrong! I want to help women see that if we take just a few hours each week for our own physical and mental wellness, this will make every other part of our lives better. Booty Camp will give you the energy and balance you need to take on the million and one things you do each week ….with a smile! On top of that add the new friendships and close bonds you’ll be forming with the rest of their Booty Camp group and you can’t not do it!

I’m always looking for the opportunity to throw on my gloves and do some kickboxing with a partner or with my heavy bag at home. I enjoy going for a walk/runs or rollerblading with the family or hitting the neighborhood pool. Although I have to admit I’m in the hot tub most of the time! I have given myself the challenge of attaining a Trifecta in Spartan racing in 2014…..maybe some Booty Camp ladies would like to join me?

Like every other mom, almost all my non-work, non-fitness time is spent with my two kids and my husband. We find pleasure in very simple, everyday activities and just spending time together. Taking the dogs for a walk, feeding the ducks at our local lake or throwing it down in a game of Twister, Just Dance or Karaoke.

I Care More Because I'm an Owner

I'm much more than just an 'employee'. I own the Eau Claire Market Boot Camp Licensed Location (similar to a franchise). As the owner of my "Licensed Location" I share in the responsibility of creating a valuable experience for you and all my recruits, and am 100% compensated via profit sharing.

Give yourself the gift of having a Eau Claire Market personal trainer today, by joining MY Eau Claire Market Boot Camp and receive group Eau Claire Market personal training at a fraction of the cost. I'm 100% committed to my Licensed Location being fun, you getting super fit, and you meeting some other fabulous women!

For the Love of Whipping You Into Shape,

Cheryl Clarke
Elite Drill Instructor

Eau Claire Market

Cheryl Clarke

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