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About Julie Kaiser

Hey Ladies,

I am a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer and I have also recently taken the Can-Fit Pro pre-natal/ post-partum fitness specialist course. All of my post secondary education is health-related. I have a health sciences diploma and a preventative dental assistant certificate from Niagara college and I have also taken some fitness and health promotion courses at Fanshawe College.

I had never struggled with my weight or worried about exercise or nutrition until my mid twenties. My family owned a pub/restaurant at the time and I spent a lot of time there, eating all the wrong foods….deep fried everything! Before I knew it I was 30 lbs overweight! My self-esteem was in the gutter and so were my energy levels. I remember a co-worker telling me that I was fat, it crushed me but this was the moment I decided to make some serious changes in my life. I started going to the gym, running on the treadmill and lifting weights. Since then, I have added a lot more variety to my fitness routine because there are so many ways to get fit and have fun!! I also changed the way I was eating to more vegetables and lean proteins and I cut out fast food! I felt great about losing the weight, not just about the way I looked but I also gained confidence and I was able to do a lot more in my daily life due to my increased energy!

There is nothing more motivating than doing group fitness, such as Booty Camp, with other women because we often have similar goals, challenges and busy lifestyles. When we get together for a workout we inspire each other and share our successes! As a mother of two young girls, I was faced with the challenge of losing the baby weight. This inspired me to take the pre-natal/post partum fitness course. I think it’s important for all women, mom or not, to make fitness a part of a daily routine and when we do it together we encourage each other to just keep going!!!!

First and foremost, my philosophy is that fitness should be FUN!!!! If I am dreading my workout, I’m not likely to stick to it, but if I enjoy it, I’m going to keep coming back! To me, fitness is a mind, body and spirit thing! I don’t believe in crash diets where all the weight comes back eventually anyways.....I am talking about realistic goals and lifelong changes which make you feel great mentally, emotionally and physically!

It was group fitness, especially with other women that really inspired me to take my passion and make a living doing something I love!!! I was a Booty Camp recruit myself and I loved how much fun it was and meeting other like-minded women! I became a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer and I have been training clients one on one since then but I wanted to work with a group of women! I remembered how much I enjoyed Booty Camp myself, so when this opportunity came up, I just had to apply!!! I can honestly say I have never been so excited about a job opportunity in my life!!

My other athletic hobbies include playing soccer and running. I completed a 10 km run last year on New Years Eve and I’d love to run a marathon one day! I also love going swimming and biking, especially with my kids! In the winter I enjoy snowboarding and skiing. Some of my favorite group activities include, kickboxing, zumba and my newest activity that I love is hot yoga!!!

Outside of Booty Camp

I love spending time with my 6 and 4 year old daughters! They are my world and make me laugh every day! I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling in the last few years. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, painting and reading.

I Care More Because I'm an Owner

I'm much more than just an 'employee'. I own the Downtown London Boot Camp Licensed Location (similar to a franchise). As the owner of my "Licensed Location" I share in the responsibility of creating a valuable experience for you and all my recruits, and am 100% compensated via profit sharing.

Give yourself the gift of having a Downtown London personal trainer today, by joining MY Downtown London Boot Camp and receive group Downtown London personal training at a fraction of the cost. I'm 100% committed to my Licensed Location being fun, you getting super fit, and you meeting some other fabulous women!

For the Love of Whipping You Into Shape,

Julie Kaiser
Elite Drill Instructor

Downtown London

Julie Kaiser

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