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About Booty Camp Fitness

So you wanna know more “about us”, eh?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sammie Kennedy, the Creator of Booty Camp Fitness.

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"She's [Sammie] a very inspiring strong woman, and she's taking women's fitness to new levels."
-- Sudbury's Channel 10 News

Our Beautiful & Brief History

I created and started instructing Booty Camp in Spring of 07 because of three main reasons:

  1. It was gorgeous outside in Toronto, and my female personal training clients (I used to work one-on-one with women) and I were bummed-out we were exercising indoors… so I thought it would be awesome to have a Fitness Boot Camp in a beautiful park.

  2. There were NO fitness Boot Camp’s in Toronto exclusively for women. Most Fitness Boot Camps are designed for men, yell at their recruits, and some even try to make their recruits vomit – definitely NOT Booty Camp!

  3. I’m addicted to watching exercise DVDs and going to fitness sessions!
Clearly I wasn’t alone, other women felt the same, because within 24 hours the first Booty Camp was SOLD OUT!

Within 3 months, I had an overwhelming “waiting list”, and no more time to instruct more Booty Camps…

Instructors Are Owners Because They Care More

Right from the beginning I wanted only Superstar Instructors who were invested in delivering an outstanding experience. Instead of having ‘employees’ who were under praised and under paid into mediocrity, I opted to create an incredible compensation and ownership package which would attract Superstars through a business process of Licensing.

As such, all of our “instructors” are much more than just ‘employees’. They each own a licensed territory (similar to a franchise), known as a “Licensee”. As a Licensed Instructor they share in the responsibility of creating a valuable experience for their recruits and licensed location, and are 100% compensated via profit sharing.

In fact, we have over 35,011 women on our waiting list throughout Ontario. We feel that’s because our Licensed Instructors really care and go over-and-beyond for their recruits and location.

Most Women's Only Boot Camp Locations in Canada!

Based on awe-inspiring demand for Booty Camp Fitness, I’ve just licensed Booty Camp Fitness for the 100th time! This means we now have the most women's only fitness boot camp locations in Ontario (actually throughout Canada)... This all since Spring 2007!

To ensure every Booty Camp is outstanding, we’ve implemented one of the highest hiring standards in the Canadian fitness industry. As a result, in our first year alone we had over 700 applicants for only 21 Licensed Booty Camp Instructor spots. Beyond graduating from Booty Camp’s rigorous certification process, all of our Licensed Instructors must be certified by a Governing Body as a personal trainer or fitness instructor, CPR certified annually, and fully insured.

In addition to continuous and ongoing training, we constantly and continually get feedback from our recruits (via online surveys every 8 weeks), and have secret shoppers to ensure our core values are being maintained company wide.

Creating Value Through Our 3 Core Values

As we continue to rapidly grow Booty Camp we strive to sustain an outstanding experience which emphasizes fun friendly fitness.

Our three core values are:

  1. Fun. We are always seeking to make the Booty Camp experience more fun via new interesting and exciting exercises, cardio drills, music, motivational incentives, and nutritional ideas.

  2. Friendly. We do our best to create an empowering and supportive environment for women where they can share, grow, and have fun.

  3. Fitness. We’re all about getting our recruits’ fitness results!

Through our three cores values we create value for our participants, whether you want to simply have fun exercising while maintaining your ideal body, enjoy the camaraderie of follow recruits and your friendly elite Drill Instructor, or really want fitness results such as losing lose fat/inches or achieving your ideal body.

Future Booty Camp Plans

Based on the amazing results the Recruits have gotten, I plan to:

  • Expanding our New Booty HIIT Express 30 minute program through 15 additional cities in Ontario in 2013
  • Develop Booty Camp TV as a new and interactive way to provide more FREE at home workouts to recruits!
  • Develop online nutrition and lifestyle courses for recruits across the country
  • And so much more!
And so much more!

I hope you sign-up for a Booty Camp because they’re so much fun, you’ll get super fit, and meet some other fabulous women!

For the Love of Health and Fitness,

Sammie Kennedy,
CEO & Creator of Booty Camp Fitness

Lost Over 19 Inches in 8 Weeks
"I have seen changes in my body that I have never seen before. Over the last eight weeks, I have lost over 19 inches, 12 pounds of body fat, and gained over 4 pounds of lean muscle!"

Krista Barso
Booty Camp Graduate

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